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Mavik Realty was founded to alleviate the financial and operational burdens faced by part-time and referral-only real estate agents. It offers a cost-effective solution for agents who juggle real estate with other full-time commitments or struggle with modern technology, allowing them to earn extra income without hefty brokerage splits.

Who we are

Mavik Realty is a referral-based real estate company located in Florida. They allow real estate agents to park their licenses at no cost. Agents can earn a 24% referral fee on transactions they facilitate. Mavik Realty operates in affiliation with Capstone Realty & Associates. This partnership enhances their ability to provide comprehensive services to real estate professionals.


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Reasons Why

Employed in a full-time job outside of real estate.


Currently retired.


Taking a break from the real estate industry. 


Working as a part-time real estate agent. 


Relocating to another state. 


Avoiding Board of Realtors® dues. 


Seeking relief from monthly financial obligations.


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